A while back, Threaded Fasteners President Billy Duren decided to give himself a new title to more accurately reflect his role within the employee-owned company that manufactures, packages and distributes quality nuts and bolts across North America.

“I changed my title to President and CMO, Chief Motivational Officer,” he said. “I find my role at Threaded Fasteners has evolved into finding ways to help our leaders seek out their God-given gifts and pursue them with excellence.”

Duren accepted the role of president in 2007, when one of the two founding partners decided to retire. That year, the Mobile, Ala.-based firm began a path to become an employee-owned operation.

“Our company has flourished because of the people who work here,” Duren said. “I love our people.”

In 10 years, Threaded Fasteners has seen a dramatic rise in revenues, and is on track to nearly double what was earned in 2007. With locations in eight U.S. cities spanning five states, TFI’s leadership team continues to seek strategic ways to grow the brand by acquiring other businesses and launching new ones.

The father of six daughters, Duren has worked at Threaded Fasteners since shortly after the business was founded in 1979 on Eslava Street in Mobile. Now with nearly 140 employee-owners, Duren continues to encourage his team to look beyond themselves and serve others on the job and off.

“We are blessed,” Duren said. “To whom much is given, much is required. We have been given so much and we encourage everyone to find ways to be intentionally active in our communities.” 

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