Letter From Our President – To Serve Others We Serve Our Values

When someone decides to step outside of the status quo and do something that is not necessarily within their wheelhouse of what they do then others are often quick to ask why. Milton Hershey hadn’t even created his milk chocolate formula before he began building one of the largest and most technologically advanced factories of its time. He was close to losing everything, having nothing to sell, and failing his dream. It was his vision that drove him to keep going when in the face of insurmountable odds against him. What drove him to continue? It was his vision to have a company that focused on improving the lives of everyone that worked for him. That dedication to his vision lead to the creation of one of the largest companies in the world. It is the vision not only in the company that he wanted to build, but in himself that created such a legacy.

In October, we are hosting an event in Mobile with Dr. Kevin Elko and I was asked last week why Threaded Fasteners was hosting a seminar for personal development. Our answer is also centered in our mission “to create value in and for the people we serve,” this event aligns with that mission and we are excited to extend our mission to a wider audience of people. We want to create value in the people that we serve and the way we do so is serving our values. If we begin to lose track of serving others, then we are losing track of our vision. It is that service to our team, others, and those in need that drives our vision. Threaded Fasteners is a company that serves a bigger purpose than profit, expanding our reach to develop others is a duty that we have as a company. We strive to create value in others, and this is one path that allow us to do so.

Personal development in others is in direct alignment with our vision. Branching out in these ways allows ourselves to grow as a company. We believe in Dr. Kevin Elko and what he stands for in the development of the person. It is the care for the whole person that drives us to be a company that supports the communities in which we live. If we do not immerse ourselves into these communities then we have lost track of our vision. 

For more information visit https://www.drelko.com/mobile


-Hali Gibson

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