1,000 Days Without a Lost-Time Accident

TFI Reaches 1,000 Days Without a Lost-Time Accident


A Milestone

In 2020 we developed a model for what our cultural structure looked like at Threaded Fasteners, a fundamental part of that structure is safety as part of not only what we do but who we are. As employee owners every member of our team owns what they do, especially when it comes to safety. We view safety as a foundational aspect of our culture that every individual strives for each day. It’s more than an expectation, it’s who we are. This milestone of 1,000 Days with no lost time accident is a testament to our teams dedication to safety. 

46 Reasons

Safety Manager Ron Caton on how Semmes Manufacturing was able to reach such a milestone; “we have 46 reasons that we practice and embrace a culture of safety at Semmes Manufacturing. Each of the 46 individuals of our team have families at home waiting for them to come home safely every day.”  He goes on to say “these 46 TFI family members are the reason we accomplished this milestone. Although each of the 46 are individuals we are one team and one family that is committed to our safety program. Not only are we getting the 46 home safely everyday but we are creating a culture where safety is a fundamental aspect of who we are. A good safety program keeps our 46 team members happy, healthy, and ready to create value in and for the people we serve.”

Moving Forward

Our team knows the importance of constant reminders and training on safety. Our manufacturing teams hold weekly safety meetings that follow a 52 week training program developed by our safety team. Along with these reminders, peer mentorship has proven to be a valuable aspect of our safety communications. Each year we hold a safety slogan contest where the winning slogan is proudly displayed in every one of our branch locations. We believe that each member of our team is an active member of our safety communication on a daily basis. It’s important that safety is a fundamental part of the culture here at TFI. 


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