What is one piece of advice you would give to a new employee to help them succeed?

“Just be yourself. TFI employees are the most genuine, supportive, hardworking people you will ever know. If you need help, there is always someone ready to teach you what you need to know. Our employees know that it is our efforts as owners that lead us down the path of success.”

– Georgia Chappell, Administrative Assistant

“If I were to give any advice to a new employee, it would be to embrace the family atmosphere, do the best job possible for your customers, and have fun doing it.”

– Harold Daly, Driver (Part-Time)

“Never be afraid to ask any questions because someone somewhere will have the answer to help you. There is always room for growth in any position here. If you put your mind to it, you could succeed in any position here.”

– Kelli Boudreaux, Sales Administrator

“TFI is a great opportunity for you to be a part of something that impacts a broad spectrum of people. It is a culture of comradery and friendship that is really what binds us together as a company spread across hundreds of miles. Even though each branch has separation from each other I have never been a part of an organization that is completely immersed in the wellbeing of its employees. The ability to move up is always possible, but the chance of learning something new is a daily opportunity in this industry. Your very best days you ever had at another job are your worst days with TFI, and that is an encouraging thought.”

– Tyler Barbee, Inside Sales

“Always give 100% and don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Bring your ideas to your department as they may help us all accomplish our goals”

– Kay Williams, Accounts Payable Specialist

“Remember you are here for the long haul. You are done career surfing so you need to take care of this job and take care of this company because this company will take care of you.”

– Whitney Erwin, Human Resources Associate


Our values of honesty, equality, respect, integrity, and authenticity are at the forefront of who we are as a team. We are dedicated to being servant leaders to our team and our community.


We want to create value through personal development and excellent service to our family of employee owners and customers. 


It is our mission daily to deliver SOLUTIONS to our customers through on-time delivery, quality products, specialty packaging, constant attention to continuous improvements and excellent customer service.