The Nuts and Bolts of Ownership

Employee Owners

Threaded Fasteners, Inc. is proud to be 100% employee owned. Being an employee owned company means that our profits go back to our employees! TFI started its’ Employee Stock Ownership Plan in 2006 and in 2012 became 100% employee owned. In addition to being a member of the TFI team, when you become an owner you are building your long term wealth by just coming to work! This means our profits go back to our employees and their communities. Our “Own It” model means that we take ownership of everything we do, including helping one another.

Our Culture

Our mission is to create value in and for the people we serve; especially our employee owners. Our culture is rooted in servant leadership, ownership, and family. Being a team member at Threaded Fasteners means that you are an owner, mentor, and most importantly a servant leader.  We continue to work on building our culture of family and ownership. With initiatives such as our ESOP Advocate Team, Character Core, Leadership Training, and employee initiated projects, our team continues to grow our culture.


Founded by family and on the belief that family values are a foundation of a great company, we are proud to have it be a cornerstone of our team. We pride ourselves on having a fun, friendly, and supportive work environment. With a firm belief here that our owners are the source of all of our success, everything we do is to help our family succeed.                                        


Threaded Fasteners offers extensive benefits that include but are not limited to; health, dental, vision, and life insurance plans. In addition, our ESOP is a retirement plan for qualified employees at no cost. TFI also offers a 401k match program. Other benefits includes vacation, sick, and company wide holidays for full time employees. For more information on our extensive benefit packages contact our HR department.