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Our mission is to create value in, and for the people we serve.

Welcome to Threaded Fasteners Inc.

We specialize in the manufacturing, custom packaging and distribution of high quality steel fasteners including tower and electric utility bolts, anchor bolts, A325 structural bolts, A394 tower bolts, nuts, washers and more. If we do not have your requested item, our Custom Manufactured Parts division will respond quickly by creating the materials you need to get the job done.

With over 270 dedicated employee owners, Threaded Fasteners, Inc., maintains $14 million worth of inventory across seventeen distribution warehouses, from Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas to meet the global needs of our customers from industries including power generating utilities, chemical and electrical, commercial marine construction, stainless steel fabricators, metal building manufacturers and Department of Transportation (DOT) fabricators.

In the News

This leadership development podcast is hosted by Billy Duren, President/CEO and Chief Motivational Officer and produced by Hali Gibson, Marketing and Communications Director of Threaded Fasteners. This podcast drills into the foundations of leadership for both the emerging and established leaders and offers actionable items to leaders looking to develop themselves. 

“We developed this podcast to create a platform for some of the most dynamic leaders from across the country to share their valuable insights and experiences to both the emerging and the established leader,” said Billy Duren, host of the show. “Our mission is to serve the listener by creating conversations around what it looks like to be a leader.”

Threaded Fasteners, Inc Acquires Ricco Fasteners

Threaded Fasteners, Inc., a leader in the Fastener Industry, announced the acquisition of Ricco Fasteners, formerly owned by Elaine and Richard Guldin, located in Thomasville, Georgia. This move marks the seventeenth branch location for Threaded Fasteners and elevates their mission to create value in, and for the people they serve, as they continually position themselves for additional growth and innovation.

“We are thrilled that Elaine would entrust us with the legacy of Ricco Fasteners. I am humbled by her confidence in us to carry on their mission and bring the Ricco team into Threaded Fasteners Family of Companies. This acquisition may represent a significant step in our team as we continue to expand and invest in additional communities, but above all it is an opportunity for us to serve a member of our fastener community through carrying on the legacy that Elaine and Richard built,” said Billy Duren, President and CEO of Threaded Fasteners, Inc.

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Letter from the President

Wisdom Nuggets

Almost a year ago this week, we birthed the idea of creating a podcast in order to communicate the nuts and bolts of leadership. The intent was to deliver leadership principles derived from the stories of proven leaders from all across the country. Last month we successfully concluded our first season with our twelfth episode featuring our Senior Leadership explaining why we chose Humble – Hungry – Aware as our core values.

One interesting observation from the various guests were the themes that developed with each episode. For example, Mike Rizzo talked about the plurality of leadership; it’s not about me; it’s about the team. Susan Shaw spoke passionately about radical servitude and leading with vulnerability. With every guest, the wisdom nuggets just kept coming;