Fastener Solutions for Every Industry

Threaded Fasteners. Inc. Construction Industry

With solutions from the ground up, our team specializes in commercial construction job site fasteners. Our team can handle all of your fastener requirements from structural connections, concrete or steel cast in place anchors, light duty fasteners, and much more. With access to all fastener manufacturers, Threaded Fasteners WILL be able to service all your requirements. We stock over 42 million different parts across our 12 branch locations. Our vast manufacturing capabilities means we can manufacture to your exact specifications, we can even provide parts that are 100% melted and manufactured in the US. If by chance we do not have your item in stock, we are experts at making the impossible delivery possible and will do whatever it takes to get your items to you when you need them. Our team specializes in handling tough job site requirements and we can make sure your job site is never out of stock. 


Concrete Contractors

  • Anchor Bolts
  • J Bolts
  • Mechanical Anchors
  • Rebar Cages
  • Epoxy and Epoxy Studs
  • Manual and Battery Dispensers for Epoxy

Mechanical, Plumbing, & Electrical Contractors

  • All Thread Rod
  • Structural Bolts
  • Concrete Mechanical Anchors, wedge anchors, drop-ins, sleeve anchors, nail ins, undercut anchors, cast-in-place anchors, plastic anchors, pins & loads
  • Epoxy and Epoxy Studs
  • Self Tapper Screws
  • Manual and Battery Dispensers for Epoxy 
  • Rod hangers for steel and concrete
  • Concrete Screws 3/16″ through 3/4″
  • Strut, beam clamps, spring nuts, channel nut, square washers, splice plates, etc.
  • Pipe Hangers & Support-clevis, swivel, clamps, pipe & riser clamps, roller supports and straps
  • Tapper Tap
  • Unistrut
  • Power tool accessories- reciprocating saw blades, hole saws, jig saw blades, bit tips, and nut setters
  • Drill bits- Masonry, steel, auger bits, points, chisels, carbide core bits, extensions, step drill bits, annual cutters
  • Abrasives- Cut off wheels, grinding wheels, flap discs
  • Wire Brushes 
  • Fuel Cell
  • Diamond Core Bits, Blades, and equipment
  • Extension cords and plugs, temporary lighting, temporary power boxes, and GFCI’s
  • Hand Tools
  • Safety PPE
This list is just a sample of our capabilities both manufactured and supplied, if you do not see what you are looking for give our team a call!