Hurricane Protection

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Threaded Fasteners, Inc. is a leading distributor of PanelMate Products

We are a leading provider of the PanelMate hurricane anchoring system in the United States. Since its introduction, the PanelMate anchoring system has expanded not only to accommodate the various building materials and practices used in different geographical areas, but also to meet the ever-changing Hurricane protection building code requirements. With locations spanning the Gulf Coast our teams are experts at Hurricane Protection materials. We maintain high stock levels of PanelMate, same day shipping and will provide excellent customer service to assist your PanelMate installation requirements. 


  •  Male PanelMate Screw with 1/4 -20 thread 1 1/8” stud, Lengths 2 ¼” through 7 3/8”
  • Female PanelMate Screw with Stainless Steel Head, ¼-20 female thread lengths, 3 ¼” & 7 3/8”
  • Female PanelMate Inserts with ¼-20 female thread 1 3/8” overall length
  • Female PanelMate Inserts with ¼-20 Female thread, 2 1/8” overall length  
  • Female PanelMate Insert Drive Tool
  • Male PanelMate Drive Tool
  • Combo Bit Drill and Drive System for PanelMate  
  • PanelMate Female Sidewalk Bolts
  • PanelMate Male Wing Nuts
  • Silver Stalgard Coating finish on all PanelMates for outstanding corrosion resistance (Withstands 1000 hours in salt spray test per ASTM B117)