Financial Advisor

“I think they have been successful because they don’t get satisfied and complacent. When Threaded Fasteners got into the power tower business they were doing well but saw an opportunity. They are constantly looking to expand and strategically grow into new geographic areas.”

“Their president is very self-reflective and aware of doing what they need to do. There’s a saying ‘What got you here won’t get you there,’ and that seems to be the philosophy that comes from the top and permeates through the entire place. They are always stretching and growing.”

“The relationship with Threaded Fasteners has meant a great deal to me over the past decade. I’ve learned from them and they challenge me in positive ways. It’s meant more to me than just how it has affected our business. They have helped me to continue to grow personally and professionally.”

– Financial Advisor

IT Solutions Provider

“With the team at Threaded Fasteners, there’s never a lack of trust and they value what we do. They are an ideal client.”

“They are successful because of the culture. They work hard, put the customers first and don’t place finances ahead of everything else. They are an employee-owned company and it shows.”

– IT Solutions Provider

Communications Tower Industry

“They are wonderful to work with. They take care of people. Threaded Fasteners does what they say they are going to do. It’s pretty simple.”

“It feels more like you are dealing with a friend and not just another vendor because they treat people the way they want to be treated.”

– Communications Tower Industry

Pole Product Manufacturing Company

“For more than 20 years, Threaded Fasteners has been more than our vendor, they are our partner. Threaded Fasteners is one of the best vendors we have. The staff really cares and thinks through every detail.”

– Pole Product Manufacturing Company

Accounting and Financial Consulting Firm

“In the five years we have been accountants for Threaded Fasteners, there have been many instances that have shown me the integrity of the company.

Threaded Fasteners has been successful, I think, because of the honesty and integrity of its leadership team. It all starts with upper management. They are committed to excellence at every level from the president of the company to the people who work in the warehouses. They are a true team and it shows. I think being part of an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program) makes a difference. When you have an ownership stake, I think there is a different feeling with the staff.

It’s been a great opportunity for us to do what we do best with accounting and financial business consulting. TFI listens, which is not always the case.”

– Accounting and Financial Consulting Firm