Threaded Fasteners, Inc. Acquires RTC Threaders

Threaded Fasteners, Inc. Acquires Threading Machine Manufacturer RTC Threaders


CHURUBUSCO, INDIANA (August 20, 2021) Threaded Fasteners, Inc. (TFI), a 100% employee-owned business specializing in the manufacturing, custom packaging, and distribution of steel fasteners has acquired RTC Threaders, formally Ruja Tooling Corp based in Churubusco, Indiana.

RTC was founded in 1971 by Jack Pease, today RTC runs under the direction of his son Rick Pease, and it is the premier manufacturer of planetary threading equipment in the US. RTC has been the US leader in manufacturing planetary threaders since 1971 and continues to innovate and develop new lines of threading machines. Also making the transition is long term business associate Chuck Wilcoxson. Mr. Wilcoxson has been an integral part of the success of RTC from the beginning and is looking forward to this new chapter in the life of RTC. “We are thrilled to have Rick and the RTC team join the TFI Family, I have had the privilege of getting to know Rick during this time and I was not only immediately impressed with the quality of the machines that he designed, but most importantly the quality of his character,” says Billy Duren, the President and Chief Motivational Officer of Threaded Fasteners, Inc.

“I had heard of RTC, but I really didn’t know much about their operation.  I interviewed several people who had an RTC Planetary. One owner described the machine as a ‘beast,’ and another stated that it was a ‘work horse.’  So, over the course of several months of conversations, both Rick and I began to see the value of combining our efforts and knowledge by making RTC part of the family of companies owned by TFI”, says Duren.

Not only was it a good cultural fit for RTC and TFI, for Rick it was an opportunity to grow what he loves, building machines. “I’ve always had this mechanical piece to me, so I’m looking forward to having the time to develop new machines. There’s a sense of satisfaction when you build a complete machine and then see the end product,” Rick says.


RTC Threaders Planetary Machines

RTC’s fleet of Eagle Machines are built in such adurable way that the industry has labeled them as “the forever machine.” The Single and Double-End Eagle planetary threading machines create a diverse solutions-based approach to threaded manufacturing needs across the industry. RTC offers a complete line of planetary threaders with bending options as well as a complete line of automated bar shears. Their hydraulic Eagle Planetary Threading Machines offer constant torque and relentless efficiency. Each machine offers unparalleled versatility and production rates that allow manufacturers to make production changes fast using just minor adjustments.

“These machines are fast, durable, and customizable; for those not familiar with the fastener machine world; they are the Lamborghini of threading machines,” says Randall Connor, Manufacturing Operations Manager of Threaded Fasteners, Inc. These forever machines are manufactured, assembled, and distributed from the RTC manufacturing facility and warehouse in Churubusco, Indiana. When asked about his work Rick said, “when my dad started this business, he was all about American made products, he wanted to build a machine in America using American Made materials, we are proud to design, engineer, and build these machines in the US.”


Joining the Threaded Fasteners, Inc. Family of Companies

“Rick Pease is one of the brilliant minds of our industry and I am thrilled about this new opportunity,” Duren continued. Threaded Fasteners, Inc. has been manufacturing bolts for over 40 years and the TFI team is excited to add the capability of manufacturing planetary threaders and automated bar shears and producing them for the fastener industry. RTC will continue operations in Northern Indiana as in the past serving clients throughout the US and internationally. Duren also stated:

“Our team has placed orders for several machines to add to our inventory of top-quality manufacturing equipment and RTC is already quoting machinery for other thread rolling shops. I can say with strong confidence that we are looking forward to continuing the legacy that the Pease family has built, and we’ll do that by providing great, reliable machinery at competitive prices. We are looking forward to expanding the current manufacturing capabilities of the RTC team to better serve the growing US fastener industry as well as the international market.” 

When asked what he is most looking forward to, Rick said, “our machines already have a good enough reputation to stand alone, but I am looking forward to taking the time to make them faster and start building even more of them.”

RTC Threaders

RTC Threaders (RTC) was founded in 1971 by Jack Pease, today RTC runs under the direction of Rick Pease, and is the premier manufacturer of planetary threading equipment in the US. RTC designs, engineers, and manufactures a custom line of Planetary Threaders. The RTC Line of Eagle Planetary Threading Machines are considered the gold standard in the industry, these forever machines not only last longer than any competing machine on the market, but they are also considered one of the fastest threading machines available. Depending on diameter the RTC Threaders Eagle Planetary Threading Machines can manufacture over 100 parts per minute. Machines are custom made to order and are available with quick change, modular, and single or double end units. For more information on RTC Threaders visit or call (800) 248-8170.

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