The Nuts and Bolts of Leadership: Leading from the Heart with Brian Desigio

In this episode of The Nuts and Bolts of Leadership, hosts Billy and Hali sit down with Brian Desigio, President and CEO of Structural & Steel Products, Inc. Join us as we explore the profound concept of leading from the heart, delving into the transformative power of self-awareness and understanding.

 Brian shares insights on the connection between understanding a team’s “Culture DNA” and how to codify this culture into a compelling value proposition. Learn the significance of the “long heads up” in leadership and the art of effectively encouraging growth to foster success and cohesion within your team. Walk through the process of defining your personal “why” and how it can serve as a driving force for passion and purpose.

Brian introduces the philosophy of creating opportunities for others to create opportunities for others, unveiling the ripple effect of leadership on both individuals and organizations. Don’t miss the chance to cultivate a culture of heart-centered leadership with the insights from this episode.

Tune in, reflect, and join us on this journey into heart-centric leadership.

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Threaded Fasteners, Inc

Threaded Fasteners Inc. (TFI) is a 100% employee-owned business that specializes in the manufacturing, custom packaging, and distribution of steel fasteners. With over 260 dedicated employee owners, TFI maintains over $13 million worth of inventory across 16 locations, to meet the global needs of customers from industries including electrical utilities, chemical and electrical, commercial marine construction, steel fabricators, metal building manufacturers and Department of Transportation (DOT) fabricators. More information about TFI can be found on its website at or through social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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