A letter from the President – Happy New Year

January 1, 2021

This year marked our 41st Anniversary at Threaded Fasteners and without question, one of the most challenging. As unprecedented a year as this has been, I have seen our family of employee owners rise to meet the challenge. No retreat, no surrender; I’m so proud to be a part of this great team. 

2020 has made its mark on each of us in its’ own way, but I have faith that we have also made our mark on it. We each became a little more aware of how our actions affect others and that there is not always a right answer to every question. 

For years we went about our days with the expectation of repetition; normalcy became a security. We have spoken about our triumphs and our trials throughout this year; there have been an abundance of both, but it is the triumphs that stand out the most. I am proud of our owners who advocated for what they believed in, found humor during trying times, and above all served each other and our communities in more ways than I can count.

As I began writing this letter I was a bit hesitant, because it’s difficult not to look at 2020 with a shroud of sadness in all that has occurred. Then I began to think of the triumphs of our team, and I realized that there were just as many moments of joy as there were sorrow; the sorrow just yelled a little louder throughout the year. Our team has found ways to have fun, laugh, and work together in ways I have never seen before in our 41 year history. 

I want to leave you with two phrases that have been a constant reminder to us all throughout the year. The first from Dr. Kevin Elko, who has been a constant source of advice and direction for this team for many years; “so what, now what.” He uses this to teach resilience and determination; you wandered off course, what are you going to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again? And the last phrase is one you would be hard pressed not to hear in our team meetings; “what’s next,” this keeps us looking forward. These two phrases will become the playbook for our success in 2021.

So what, now what’s next.  

Happy New Year,

Billy Duren

President and CEO

Threaded Fasteners, Inc.

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