Letter from the President – October 2023

Wisdom Nuggets

Almost a year ago, we birthed the idea of creating a podcast in order to communicate the nuts and bolts of leadership. The intent was to deliver leadership principles derived from the stories of proven leaders from all across the country. We successfully concluded our first season with our twelfth episode featuring our Senior Leadership explaining why we chose Humble – Hungry – Aware as our core values.

One interesting observation from the various guests were the themes that developed with each episode. For example, Mike Rizzo talked about the plurality of leadership; it’s not about me; it’s about the team. Susan Shaw spoke passionately about radical servitude and leading with vulnerability. With every guest, the wisdom nuggets just kept coming;

  • Learn how to ask tough questions.
  • Know the difference between strategic talent and execution talent.
  • Find your mission-driven leadership goals.
  • Invest in leaders at every level.
  • Lead from who you are.
  • Invest in continuous improvement.
  • Seek out challenges.
  • Find a mentor to walk with you on your leadership journey.

I was introduced to Wisdom Nuggets many years ago by Coach Mike Gottfried at a Team Focus Camp. Team Focus is an organization created to walk with young men without fathers. Coach Mike brought in speakers to speak to the young men about life and to mentor them as they navigated life without their father. He encouraged the campers to get out their notebooks and write down the “wisdom nuggets” as the speakers told their stories, and at the end of the camp, they would have an incredible resource.

Two thoughts I’d like to challenge you with on wisdom nuggets. First, they appear every day, in all sorts of situations, from all sorts of people, but (and don’t miss this) you HAVE TO BE looking for them. Secondly, share your story. One of your greatest possessions is your story, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Often times, wisdom nuggets come in the form of what NOT to do. So what’s the most recent nugget you’ve placed in your bucket? Let’s be intentional today, looking for the wisdoms all around us.

-Billy Duren, President

Billy D.

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