Thanksgiving Message from Billy Duren

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November 22, 2017

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Besides enjoying turkey and pumpkin pie, it’s a day when everyone can stop for a moment and reflect on what they have to be grateful for. I was telling one of our young team members recently, I never want to lose the sense of awe I feel about what we do. Even today, with more than 37 years here at Threaded Fasteners, I continue to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for those we work with and those we serve. 

Our employee-owned company was blessed to be founded by two people who set great examples for all of us. Frank Martin and Steve Sholtis are men of integrity who believe in treating people fairly and sharing with others. They are givers. We were fortunate to be able to see our company receive blessings because of how Frank and Steve ran the business. Now, it’s our turn.

Today, through the Threaded Fasteners Charitable Foundation, we continue to support several charities close to our hearts. We also encourage our staff — and everyone else — to find ways to give back whenever they can. We do it because we have been blessed with resources and it’s the right thing to do. 

As Thanksgiving approaches, we hope you find time for reflection and much to be thankful for.
Billy Duren

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