A letter from the President- TFI Essential Business

April 3, 2020

To TFI Clients and Business Partners,

Several states have issued “shelter in place” and “stay at home” orders in recent days that affect non-essential businesses. This letter is confirmation that Threaded Fasteners, Inc is an essential business and that we will be staying open to support our client and business partners during this challenging time. Threaded Fasteners, Inc supplies essential products that support critical industries such as agriculture, transportation, energy, mining, and construction that are used by other essential businesses and operations as defined by the federal government.

It is imperative that we remain open during this time of urgency and uncertainty in order to support the critical and essential industries that rely on our products. We will maintain our excellent level of service so that our customers can meet and advance their needs.

We will continue to hold to strict policies regarding personal spacing protocols and individual hygiene to ensure the safety of our team. Where possible we have asked several members of our team to work from home in order to better create spacing and further limit exposure. 

If you have any questions are concerns, please do not hesitate to call us.



Billy Duren
President & CEO
Threaded Fasteners, INC.

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