A letter from the President

June 10, 2020

In the long history of Threaded Fasteners, we have never faced an obstacle comparable to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was a fast and life altering moment in our lives that we are still facing to this day. Our team took swift, fact-based actions from the very beginning. Prioritizing the safety of our family both physically and mentally. We understood early on that the emotional toll for our family could be just as draining as the physical. Uncertainty was a virus itself, and we wanted to make sure our team members knew that they would not miss a paycheck due to this virus.

As an essential business, we continued all portions of our operations but wanted to make sure that our priority was on our family. We stopped many of our promotional activities and posts to focus on our team and what they needed. We began weekend contests and activities for our employees during social distancing. We held weekly free lunches from local businesses in each of our locations from local restaurants across our areas. We placed over 100 “A Hero Lives Here” signs in our communities for health care workers on the front lines. Our team members in every branch have supported their communities both individually and as a team and we are so proud of each one of them.

We want to reiterate what we released at the very beginning of this crisis, that Threaded Fasteners is in a strong position. Our family’s safety is our top priority, we are looking at loosening some of our restrictions soon and will keep you updated on when we will let visitors and customers into our facilities. For now, we would like to thank you for working with us during this time of precaution, we are thankful for your support and cooperation. Our supply chain remains strong and we will continue to provide the exceptional services you have come to rely on our team for. We are dedicated to carrying out our mission to create value in and for the people we serve. We are here for you.

Just as the world has seen the heroic and selfless acts of health care workers during the pandemic and have commended them. We have also witnessed, as a world, the senseless and brutal act of law enforcement officers in Minneapolis with the death of George Floyd and we must as a nation condemn this act. The outrage that our nation and communities are facing has highlighted the divisions within our nation. We as individuals, corporations, communities, and a nation must stand in opposition to the evil in the hearts of men that has been a part of our society since the beginning of time. We must have courage to stand in the face of injustice and speak out for our fellow men. If change is going to come in our company, our city, our nation, and our world it begins with me. My prayer is that we have the courage to speak and hear the truth in love. 

Accepting challenges for meaningful change,

Billy Duren

President & CEO

Threaded Fasteners, INC.

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